Maelu Designs

Hand block printed textiles // always sustainable


Maelu is an environmentally conscious clothing company centered upon sustainable textiles made with natural fibers and vegetable dyes.

Maelu items are all handmade and hand block printed, making each item a one of a kind work of art. Maelu was created after founder Meghna Davé decided to leave her job in the corporate world to set off and discover the real world. While traveling in India she fell in love with the unique prints and traditional methods of natural dying found around the country.



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Maelu has a relationship with a family of artisans in India that have been block printing for generations.

Wooden blocks are hand carved out of teak wood and then applied with natural dyes before being stamped on cotton or silk. Our natural dyes are made with a variety of materials including jaggery, pomegranate skins, alum and indigo bush. Each color and design in the pattern requires a different block, resulting in an incredibly intricate process. After being stamped the printed fabric is laid out in the village field to dry in the sun and set the color. The fabric is then steamed, washed and ironed to permanently fix the colors.

Maelu strives to follow a sustainable business model by not only creating naturally made global textiles but by also making responsible business decisions. Maelu directly supports the artisans in India that block-print the beautiful fabric and also donates a portion of all profits directly to, a non-profit foundation supporting the advancement of women's human rights around the world.